Hey Sugar Baby’s
Hey Sweeties…….. Happy Hump Day! I hope everyone is having a good week so far… can’t ask for anything more than only 2 more days left before the weekend starts right? lol  It’s just about to rain and it’s suppose to last for a while boooo.. the temps have been above average but it’s all […]

Happy Saturday
Hello My Sweets!  Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted here.. You know where I post almost daily and that would be on my Twitter Account! There you can reply to me.. retweet me.. direct message me.. yada yada so it’s cool Hope your Saturday is going well.. can you believe that January […]

Hello Sweets.. It’s a monday…….well almost over now.. thank gawd!  I have not really been out in 3 weeks.. just hybernating and working alot on cam getting ready for my trip south which is sneaking up on me fast . woooo hooo.. I ended up going out sunday for some bloodys and mimosas and to […]

Hi sugars… Happy November 10th!!! = burr.. although today and tomorrow southest Michigan the weather is great just for two days! mid 50′s so that is pretty close to 60 degrees! but after that the temps will be declining.. boooo I am glad I don’t live up north Michigan it’s snowing up there tonight and […]

November 5th… time is just flying by!
Happy November darlings.. I hope your ready for the holidays because it seems to me that they are just coming in full force very fast.. It’s that time of the year for me to pack up and go south .. I guess you can call me a snow bird .. hehehe I don’t mind going […]

Happy October!!
Hello sugars! Its now October!! where does time fly?? I have been busy busy I wish I had like 2 or 3 clones of me! there is always something going on! lol.. I hope that everyone is looking forward to “Fall” weather.. Its definately sweater weather over here in Michigan.. we haven’t had the best […]

Goodbye Summer!
Boooo is all I can say …. summer officially ends at 10:29pm tonight and fall is moving right in… well compared to the last two weeks fall hit a while ago.. hahaha although starting tomorrow it is suppose to warm up into the 70′s all this week and weekend which I would love luv alot! […]

Hello Sugar Sugars.. Thanks gawd it’s friday.. sorry I haven’t posted here in a while but yes I am alive.. thanks Superman for the note.. lol.. I am on twitter daily so if u wanna keep up with my everyday action please follow me there.. let me know  who you are if your a member […]

Happy Hump Day
Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend.. I think I am finally back to normal now after Monday and Tuesday low key! lack of sleep too much partying.. you know how that is.. hahaha I ended up leaving for the weekend to Put Inn Bay Ohio…crazy fun… rented a golf cart for […]

Happy Friday
Hello Sugars, Hope your week was good as today is Friday woo hooo I know we all love fridays as the weekend is approaching. (lazy weekends) as I call them. I get so busy during the week I feel that the time is just flying by like no tomorrow!  I am have a bunch of […]